Summer 2020

Who would have thought — after riding the first 6 months of the first year in a new decade — we would be here. In our homes. Behind masks (I hope!). With our children. Our animals. Fighting for Black lives (may we continue to always learn how to be anti-racists). In a global freaking pandemic. That isn’t going away. Right? …

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Motherhood, Oklahoma, PhD

Oklahoma Christmas: Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I hope your holiday season is merry and bright! I’m in the middle of final papers, submitting final grades, and everything else that comes with the end of a semester. Fall semesters seem to be especially difficult because there is balancing the holidays — finding the best deals, lots of home-cooking, and trying to get the whole family to smile …

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Gacy, True Crime, Writing

Remembering the 33 Victims of John Wayne Gacy on the 40th Anniversary

Stories plant themselves in us for different purposes. Some stories fuel our imagination, like #HarryPotter. Others teach us how to grieve and love like @cherylstrayed writes about in #Wild. Stories like #RobPiest — remind me that life is fragile, imperfect, sad, but also redemptive. It’s true we live in a world where terrible things happen. But we have agency in …

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Inspired, Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers: Ali and James, Choosing to Love

Happy 2017, lovelies. This year I am launching a series of stories that can better connect and bridge the gap between siblings of sisters and brothers with special needs. To join the community and to find out more about this project, join us on Facebook: Sisters and Brothers on Facebook Our first story is by Ali, a student at Azusa Pacific University, …

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