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10 Must Have Products For New Mamas

Hi world! Becoming a mama has been an incredibly life changing journey. Every day I fall more in love with B — his coos, his smiles, giggles, the way he kicks, when he stares up and smiles at me while BF-ing. He is a handsome baby boy who is growing so quick. When I became pregnant, I was pretty much the first out of my friends. I knew nothing! I talked to my mom a lot — but when it came to what we needed, and what we didn’t I was kind of clueless. Now, 3 months in, I wanted to share some of my daily life-savers. So share this post with all your new or soon-to-be mama friends! I hope it can help. 🙂

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1. The Boppy: We have this blue whale poppy which we adore. It is great for BF-ing. B will fall asleep right on it. The cover is easy to clean. And it is also a great prop to help him with tummy time and to sit up. I give it a 10/10.

2. Carter’s Pajamas (w/footies): These are lifesavers! Seriously. They are easy to take on and off in middle of the night diaper changes. B LOVES them. Sometimes, when we are extra tired, we will have PJ days and just hang out and play and nap in our PJs all day. You need at least a few pairs for every size! Secret: The ones with the zippers are the best.

3. Infant Optics Baby Monitor: So we were on the fence about a baby monitor. But, when B stopped cat-napping anywhere, and he started taking naps in our bedroom, this was key! Sometimes babies can spit up in their sleep or seem uncomfortable. And without barging in and waking them fully up, you can always see what is going on with a monitor. I did a TON of research online and this one had the best reviews. We are happy with it.

4. Comotomo baby bottles: If you are unsure if you want to exclusively BF, buy these. The nipples best represent a human mama nipple, and they are anti-colic. Since I was not able to produce enough milk for B, we have had to supplement. B goes back and forth between BF-ing and bottle feeding so easily. And I have these gems to thank.

5. Bottle Warmer (to go with your bottle): This bottle warmer is super cheap. It gets the job done. And that’s all you need, right?


6. Pampers Diapers Size 1: In the beginning. You really cannot have enough size 1 diapers. You may only use the Newborn size for so long, so make sure you stock up on these! They rarely leak, and have the awesome blue line that shows up for when they are wet. The best. (Get Pampers sensitive wipes too!)


7. Milk Snob Car Seat Cover: It is the best for the summer months. Even the spring and fall. For BF-ing moms, this also serves up as a nice and cozy cover. It is lightweight, easy to put on and off, stylish, and overall a solid, must have.


8. A Bouncer: A great place to park baby while you get in a coffee or snack break. (Or, hey, maybe even a shower?!)

9. Graco Click Connect Strollers: These strollers are amazing. They are so easy to use. You can carry the car seat to and from the car. And then click it in the stroller to cruise around the neighborhood. Graco has a ton of options to choose from, so check them out.


10. Play gyms: Fisher-Price makes some great play gyms. At only a few weeks old, B LOVED looking around. (We have two different play gyms…it is all about options.) Play gyms allow babies to explore early on, kick and move their legs, and listen to music. It is a party for their senses!


I hope this is helpful for you! Tell me in the comments what some of your favorite products are. Some missing products in this list, but def need: breast pump, sling or wrap, bassinet, pack n play, boppy lounger, nice changing table, and et cetera.


Xo, Mama C