Selected Publications

The New York Times, “My Brother, the Hospice Graduate

“O” The Oprah Magazine, “My First Year as a Mom Taught Me How to Make a Marriage Last

The Guardian, “Make-A-Wish Granted My Brother 15,000 Dollars. Why Did It Make Me Angry?

Glamour, “I’m Pregnant and the Carrier of a Rare Disease—But That Doesn’t Change Anything

Washington Post, “Why I Cried When I Found Out I Was Having a Boy

Good Housekeeping, “Gavin’s First Christmas Was Supposed To Be His Last. This Year Marks His Tenth.

Chicago Tribune, “Remembering the 33 Victims of John Wayne Gacy

Harper’s BAZAAR, “A Serial Killer, a Receipt, and My Mom: Haunted by the Murder of 33 Boys”