10167965_10103090771715537_8485695653289494078_nThe most important part of my work as a writer and truth-teller is sharing my brother, Gavin’s, story. Although he was diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome (AGS), and in the beginning of his diagnosis, we thought the disease would tear our family apart — the opposite has been true. Instead of dismantling our family, he has brought us closer together. Closer than ever before. Gavin is our rock, our light, our purpose. We include him in everything, which I think is so important to not only his life — but also in ours. Although he cannot do many “normal” things, he has a rich life — full of love and adventure and memories.

I often keep his Facebook page updated for close family and friends who can: Follow Gavin on Facebook.

I believe in the healing power of writing well, and want to teach as many people as possible.

Something else important to know: I’m also an expert in the murders of John Wayne Gacy, and have studied the case extensively. The case has haunted me in my own experience of parenthood. I’ve written recent journalistic pieces in the Chicago Tribune and Harper’s Bazaar.

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